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Open Gym Premier is dedicated to providing an unparalleled basketball experience through quality facilities, talented coaches, professional training, organized programs, superior service and comprehensive resources.


To provide the ultimate basketball experience.


To be the hub of Orange County basketball.



Exudes positive energy in daily activities.


Represents the Company by putting customers first, exceeding expectations, communicating effectively and acting with integrity.


Understands Company needs and is willing to adjust to changing environments.


Upholds Company standards by taking responsibility for actions and results.


Works hard with tenacity and resolve to achieve results.


Conceptualized in 2009 and launched in 2011, Open Gym Premier evolved after a group of passionate former hoopers recognized an overwhelming lack of quality basketball facilities and coaching in the Orange County area. The idea for Open Gym Premier developed based on the basketball experiences of Matt Kanne, Miguel Bennett and the entire OGP leadership team and coaching staff, who carefully evaluated their own basketball careers to help bring the ultimate basketball experience to Orange County. The Open Gym Premier concept has been recognized in business plan competitions and in community circles for both its professional-minded, goal-oriented model as well as the resources provided to the Orange County basketball community at large.

Today, Open Gym Premier is designed to be a full-service basketball organization providing high-quality, comprehensive services to the basketball community including camps, club teams, leagues, tournaments and training. Open Gym Premier has earned a reputation for providing quality coaching and training while also delivering innovative, well-organized events to all types of players. The Company offers unique resources to all members stemming from the leadership team's extensive network of contacts throughout the Orange County basketball community. Open Gym Premier serve all types of basketball enthusiasts from young basketball players just learning the game to top NBA players and everything in between such as ambitious high school players to recreational adult players.

Beginning in the initial stages of Open Gym Premier's development, management committed to executing a vision with a genuine purpose of assisting passionate young players in their development and enjoyment of the game. As the company grows and actively pursues expansion opportunities, this commitment never wavers. Open Gym Premier’s full-service offerings teamed with a healthy menu of unique basketball events, make Open Gym Premier an attractive home for any hoopster looking for something more on the hardwood.