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Championship Tournament 2015

Championship Tournament 2015

July 3-5, 2015
American Sports Center
1500 S. Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805
Next Level Sports Complex
12821 Knott St
Garden Grove, CA 92841

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8U/2nd Grade Gold
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score21 HomeYellow Jackets Score55
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorTeam Dojo Score17 HomeJr. Hoops Score15
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score11 HomeSCA Score27
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score26 HomeJr. Hoops Score30
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorYellow Jackets Score37 HomeSCA Score21
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorYellow Jackets Score34 HomeTeam Dojo Score19
DaySUN Time8:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorJr. Hoops Score25 HomeYellow Jackets Score33
DaySUN Time8:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSCA Score39 HomeTeam Dojo Score17
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score33 HomeTeam Dojo Score27
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSCA Score34 HomeJr. Hoops Score21
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Yellow Jackets Score26 HomeA2 SCA Score20
8U/2nd Grade Silver
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorCAVS Score16 HomeOpen Gym Premier Score15
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorIBA Basketball Score25 HomeTeam Veritas Score11
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Score21 HomeIBA Basketball Score13
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorCAVS Score20 HomeTeam Veritas Score18
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorCAVS Score12 HomeIBA Basketball Score22
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Score19 HomeTeam Veritas Score10
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorA3 CAVS Score26 HomeA4 Team Veritas Score9
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Score23 HomeA2 IBA Basketball Score22
9U/3rd Grade Gold
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorJr. Hoops Blue Score33 HomeCity Ballers Score9
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSan Diego SB Show Score23 HomePro Skills Score17
DayFRI Time9:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorCity Ballers Score14 HomeTeam Dojo Score35
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorCity Ballers Score25 HomePro Skills Score31
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSan Diego SB Show Score23 HomeJr. Hoops Blue Score25
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorTeam Dojo Score34 HomePro Skills Score17
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCity Ballers Score26 HomeSan Diego SB Show Score32
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorJr. Hoops Blue Score30 HomeTeam Dojo Score38
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorTeam Dojo Score20 HomeSan Diego SB Show Score24
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorPro Skills Score34 HomeJr. Hoops Blue Score27
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 San Diego SB Show Score34 HomeA2 Team Dojo Score35
9U/3rd Grade Silver
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score28 HomeJr. Hoops White Score25
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorLA Elite Red Score13 HomeTeam Vegas Score31
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCalifornia Basketball Group Score15 HomeDominators Score42
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorJr. Hoops White Score20 HomeLA Elite Red Score22
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorJr. Hoops White Score17 HomeTeam Vegas Score28
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score14 HomeDominators Score22
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorLA Elite Red Score21 HomeSGV 3 Black Score15
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score31 HomeCalifornia Basketball Group Score3
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score14 HomeTeam Vegas Score40
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Team Vegas Score26 HomeB2 Open Gym Premier Black Score17
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorB1 Dominators Score29 HomeA2 LA Elite Red Score22
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA3 SGV 3 Black Score21 HomeB3 California Basketball Group Score34
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorLoser A1/B2 Open Gym Premier Black Score27 HomeLoser B1/A2 LA Elite Red Score20
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA4 Jr. Hoops White Score0 HomeB3 California Basketball Group Score15
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Team Vegas Score17 HomeWinner B1/A2 Dominators Score27
10U/4th Grade Gold
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorUtah Select Red Score33 HomeColorado Connect 2023 Score26
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorSan Diego Sabers 10U Elite Score17 HomeOakland PAL Score38
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSan Diego Sabers 10U Elite Score24 HomeAFB Academy of Future Ballers Score25
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorColorado Connect 2023 Score22 HomeDominators OC Score25
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorOakland PAL Score43 HomeAFB Academy of Future Ballers Score31
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorUtah Select Red Score21 HomeDominators OC Score20
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSan Diego Sabers 10U Elite Score20 HomeColorado Connect 2023 Score25
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA1 Oakland PAL Score41 HomeB2 Dominators OC Score29
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorB1 Utah Select Red Score27 HomeA2 AFB Academy of Future Ballers Score45
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorA3 San Diego Sabers 10U Elite Score31 HomeB3 Colorado Connect Score33
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorWinner A3/B3 Colorado Connect Score26 HomeLoser A1/B2 Dominators OC Score28
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLoser A3/B3 San Diego Sabers 10U Elite Score36 HomeLoser B1/A2 Utah Select Red Score42
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Oakland PAL Score41 HomeWinner B1/A2 AFB Academy of Future Ballers Score38
10U/4th Grade Silver
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorFresno Swoosh Elite Score20 HomeSGV 4 Blue Score42
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorHawaii Heat Score19 HomeSD Black Mambas Score48
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorHawaii Heat Score31 HomeJr. Hoops Score42
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorPride Basketball Score30 HomeFresno Swoosh Elite Score28
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorJr. Hoops Score36 HomeSD Black Mambas Score39
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score48 HomePride Basketball Score16
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA1 SD Black Mambas Score60 HomeB2 Pride Basketball Score19
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorB1 SGV 4 Blue Score25 HomeA2 Jr. Hoops Score40
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorA3 Hawaii Heat Score37 HomeB3 Fresno Swoosh Elite Score24
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 SD Black Mambas Score42 HomeWinner B1/A2 Jr. Hoops Score23
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorWinner A3/B3 Hawaii Heat Score42 HomeLoser A1/B2 Pride Basketball Score13
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorLoser A3/B3 Fresno Swoosh Elite Score22 HomeLoser B1/A2 SGV 4 Blue Score30
10U/4th Grade Bronze
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorRedondo Beach Supreme Score24 HomeSGV 4 Black Score19
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score23 HomeBay City Basketball Red Score30
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorRiverside Basketball Academy Score19 HomeAll Out Blaze Black Score25
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorI Am Rockfish Grey Score41 HomeSGV 4 White Score18
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorIBA Basketball Score15 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score31
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSGV 4 White Score11 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score31
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorAll Out Blaze Black Score28 HomeSGV 4 Black Score15
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorBay City Basketball Red Score41 HomeIBA Basketball Score21
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorRiverside Basketball Academy Score14 HomeRedondo Beach Supreme Score23
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 4 White Score15 HomeBay City Basketball Red Score58
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorIBA Basketball Score24 HomeI Am Rockfish Grey Score20
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorAll Out Blaze Black Score31 HomeRedondo Beach Supreme Score28
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorSGV 4 Black Score27 HomeRiverside Basketball Academy Score31
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score36 HomeI Am Rockfish Grey Score24
DaySUN Time8:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 4 White Score13 HomeIBA Basketball Score29
DaySUN Time8:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorI Am Rockfish Grey Score14 HomeBay City Basketball Red Score27
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorA1 Bay City Basketball Red Score24 HomeB2 Redondo Beach Supreme Score19
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorB1 All Out Blaze Black Score20 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Black Score41
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtG2 VisitorA3 IBA Basketball Score26 HomeB3 Riverside Basketball Academy Score28
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA4 I Am Rockfish Grey Score23 HomeB4 SGV 4 Black Score45
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Bay City Basketball Red Score47 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Black Score37
11U/5th Grade Elite
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSoCal Spartans Score43 HomeCity Ballers Score22
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorRedondo Beach Supreme Score37 HomeCoastal Elite Score18
DayFri Time8:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorVision Basketball Cross Score15 HomeGround Up Hoops Score0
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorKing's Basketball Club Score34 HomeArizona Phenoms Score46
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorSGV 5 Blue Score27 HomeKing's Basketball Club Score34
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorSDS Seal Score26 HomeVision Basketball Cross Score37
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSGV 5 Blue Score36 HomeArizona Phenoms Score26
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSoCal Spartans Score36 HomeFrogg All-Stars Score47
DaySat Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSDS Seal Score15 HomeGround Up Hoops Score0
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorDominators Score82 HomeCoastal Elite Score18
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorCity Ballers Score25 HomeFrogg All-Stars Score56
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorRedondo Beach Supreme Score25 HomeDominators Score38
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorA1 Vision Basketball Cross Score43 HomeB2 Redondo Beach Supreme Score30
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorB1 Dominators Score43 HomeA2 SDS Seal Score28
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorC1 Frogg All-Stars Score62 HomeD2 Arizona Phenoms Score21
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorD1 SGV 5 Blue Score36 HomeC2 Socal Spartans Score63
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA3 Ground Up Hoops Score0 HomeB3 Coastal Elite Score15
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorC3 City Ballers Score16 HomeD3 King's Basketball Club Score44
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Vision Basketball Cross Score31 HomeWinner C1/D2 Frogg All-Stars Score81
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorWinner B1/A2 Dominators Score32 HomeWinner D1/C2 Socal Spartans Score28
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLoser A3/B3 Arizona Phenoms Score40 HomeLoser C3/D3 King's Basketball Club Score34
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorLoser A1/B2 Redondo Beach Supreme Score35 HomeLoser C1/D2 Arizona Phenoms Score33
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorLoser B1/A2 SDS Seal Score42 HomeLoser D1/C2 SGV 5 Blue Score37
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 vs C1/D2 Frogg All-Stars Score53 HomeWinner B1/A2 vs. D1/C2 Dominators Score34
11U/5th Grade Gold
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score22 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score44
DayFRI Time9:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSB Warriors Score25 HomeRC Bulls Black Score42
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score14 HomeRC Bulls Black Score35
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSB Warriors Score9 HomeARC Score48
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score39 HomeRC Bulls Black Score31
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score26 HomeSB Warriors Score30
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorARC Score41 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score27
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorARC Score51 HomeGamepoint Elite Score21
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorSB Warriors Score13 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score36
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorRC Bulls Black Score28 HomeARC Score36
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA1 ARC Score56 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score36
11U/5th Grade Silver
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSD Black Mambas Score15 HomeMercadel Basketball Score34
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorI Am Rockfish Grey Score13 HomeBrentwood Ballers Score29
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorCoastal Elite Score17 Home5onFive Black Score38
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorAVAC Score38 HomeI Am Rockfish Grey Score17
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorMercadel Basketball Score33 Home5onFive Black Score16
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score44 HomeI Am Rockfish Grey Score14
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorAVAC Score23 HomeBrentwood Ballers Score25
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorSD Black Mambas Score29 Home5onFive Black Score26
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorCoastal Elite Score32 HomeMercadel Basketball Score66
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score43 HomeBrentwood Ballers Score23
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorCoastal Elite Score26 HomeSD Black Mambas Score40
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score18 HomeAVAC Score28
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorA1 Mercadel Basketball Score47 HomeB2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score27
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorB1 AVAC Score37 HomeA2 SD Black Mambas Score29
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA3 5onFive Black Score40 HomeB3 Brentwood Ballers Score17
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA4 Coastal Elite Score33 HomeB4 I Am Rockfish Grey Score35
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Mercadel Basketball Score49 HomeWinner B1/A2 AVAC Score30
11U/5th Grade Bronze
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score25 HomeSGV 5 Black Score16
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorCAVS Score39 HomeEastvale Ball Up Score19
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorKings Basketball Academy Score12 HomeCAVS Score29
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorSGV 5 Black Score39 HomeI Am Rockfish Orange Score16
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorI Am Rockfish Orange Score26 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score37
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorEastvale Ball Up Score32 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score26
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score32 HomeB2 Eastvale Ball Up Score20
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorB1 CAVS Score27 HomeA2 SGV 5 Black Score18
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorA3 I Am Rockfish Orange Score32 HomeB3 Kings Basketball Academy Score23
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A3/B3 I Am Rockfish Orange Score26 HomeLoser A1/B2 Eastvale Ball Up Score38
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorLoser A3/B3 Kings Basketball Academy Score13 HomeLoser B1/A2 SGV 5 Black Score28
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Open Gym Premier Black Score27 HomeWinner B1/A2 CAVS Score40
12U/6th Grade Elite
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorGround Up Hoops Score61 HomeUtah Select Red Score26
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSeattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score42 HomeYellow Jackets Score21
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorFresno Next Level Score30 HomeCompton Magic Score37
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorFrogg All-Stars Score34 HomeSocal's Finest Score20
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorBig City Sports Score42 HomeDEG Warriors Score40
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorDominators SB Red Score23 HomeAlameda County Scholars Score29
DayFRI Time9:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorAZ Ventura Vipers Black Score46 HomeSan Diego Sabers 12U Elite Score44
DayFRI Time9:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorVision Basketball Elite Score30 HomeSocal Magic Score17
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorDominators SB Red Score35 HomeGround Up Hoops Score37
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorBig City Sports Score51 HomeYellow Jackets Score42
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorFresno Next Level Score41 HomeFrogg All-Stars Score29
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorSocal's Finest Score20 HomeCompton Magic Score43
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSocal Magic Score24 HomeSan Diego Sabers 12U Elite Score46
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorSeattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score56 HomeBig City Sports Score16
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorDominators SB Red Score46 HomeUtah Select Red Score51
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorGround Up Hoops Score49 HomeAlameda County Scholars Score46
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorDEG Warriors Score45 HomeYellow Jackets Score27
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorAZ Ventura Vipers Black Score56 HomeSocal Magic Score14
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSan Diego Sabers 12U Elite Score38 HomeVision Basketball Elite Score39
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorFresno Next Level Score72 HomeSocal's Finest Score37
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorFrogg All-Stars Score26 HomeCompton Magic Score30
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorUtah Select Red Score34 HomeAlameda County Scholars Score35
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSeattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score68 HomeDEG Warriors Score34
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorAZ Ventura Vipers Black Score40 HomeVision Basketball Elite Score35
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorA3 Utah Select Red Score37 HomeB3 DEG Warriors Score63
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorC3 Frogg All-Stars Score42 HomeD3 San Diego Sabers 12U Elite Score47
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorA4 Dominators SB Red Score35 HomeB4 Yellow Jackets Score38
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorC4 Socal's Finest Score39 HomeD4 Socal Magic Score43
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorA1 Ground Up Hoops Score46 HomeB2 Big City Sports Score34
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorB1 Seattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score58 HomeA2 Alameda County Scholars Score20
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorC1 Compton Magic Score41 HomeD2 Vision Basketball Elite Score25
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorD1 AZ Ventura Vipers Black Score44 HomeC2 Fresno Next Level Score41
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Ground Up Hoops Score44 HomeWinner C1/D2 Compton Magic Score25
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorWinner B1/A2 Seattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score45 HomeWinner D1/C2 AZ Ventura Vipers Black Score30
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 vs. C1/D2 Ground Up Hoops Score26 HomeWinner B1/A2 vs. D1/C2 Seattle Rotary Style 6 Blue Score39
12U/6th Grade Gold
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time5:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score42 HomeBay City Basketball Black Score37
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorWest Coast All-Stars Score56 HomeAnaheim Regulators Score29
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorNorth Metro Ballers Score56 HomeFearless Score53
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score46 HomeAnaheim Regulators Score23
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorPride Basketball Score28 HomeFresno Swoosh Elite Score63
DayFRI Time8:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorTeam Vegas Score43 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score27
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorWest Coast All-Stars Score31 HomeSGV 6 Blue Score49
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorNorth Metro Ballers Score39 HomeAnaheim Regulators Score37
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorPride Basketball Score35 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score72
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score57 HomeFearless Score30
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorBay City Basketball Black Score47 HomeTeam Vegas Score55
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorWest Coast All-Stars Score51 HomeNorth Metro Ballers Score41
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score36 HomeFresno Swoosh Elite Score47
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorAnaheim Regulators Score43 HomeFearless Score49
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorBay City Basketball Black Score44 HomeFresno Swoosh Elite Score62
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorTeam Vegas Score72 HomePride Basketball Score34
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score62 HomeNorth Metro Ballers Score31
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorFearless Score32 HomeWest Coast All-Stars Score50
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorBay City Basketball Black Score56 HomePride Basketball Score52
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorFresno Swoosh Elite Score43 HomeTeam Vegas Score45
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorA1 SGV 6 Blue Score41 HomeB2 Fresno Swoosh Elite Score36
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorB1 Team Vegas Score47 HomeA2 West Coast All-Stars Score40
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 SGV 6 Blue Score43 HomeWinner B1/A2 Team Vegas Score38
12U/6th Grade Silver 1
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time6:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorD-Block Hoops Score28 HomeSan Carlos All-Stars Score55
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score22 HomeI Am Rockfish Grey Score26
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorI Am Rockfish Grey Score53 HomeDominators Green Score18
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorCampus Basketball Score45 HomeDominators Green Score14
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorD-Block Hoops Score47 HomeHigh Desert Hoopsters Score30
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorSan Carlos All-Stars Score53 HomeHigh Desert Hoopsters Score32
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA1 San Carlos All-Stars Score41 HomeB2 Campus Basketball Score31
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorB1 I Am Rockfish Grey Score56 HomeA2 D-Block Hoops Score26
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA3 High Desert Hoopsters Score28 HomeB3 Dominators Green Score42
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorWinner A3/B3 Dominators Green Score20 HomeLoser A1/B2 Campus Basketball Score42
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorLoser A3/B3 High Desert Hoopsters Score29 HomeLoser B1/A2 D-Block Hoops Score41
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 San Carlos All-Stars Score28 HomeWinner B1/A2 I Am Rockfish Grey Score56
12U/6th Grade Silver 2
Gym: ASC
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DayFRI Time7:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorKings Basketball Academy Score18 HomeGamepoint Elite Score46
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorElite Sports Club Score46 HomeSPAV Score24
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorKings Basketball Academy Score0 HomeEarl Watson Elite Black Score15
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF4 VisitorElite Sports Club Score57 HomeGamepoint Elite Score34
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorKings Basketball Academy Score25 HomeSPAV Score50
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score33 HomeEarl Watson Elite Black Score22
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorEarl Watson Elite Black Score33 HomeSPAV Score35
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorKings Basketball Academy Score11 HomeElite Sports Club Score76
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSPAV Score39 HomeGamepoint Elite Score33
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorElite Sports Club Score52 HomeEarl Watson Elite Black Score45
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorA1 Elite Sports Club Score53 HomeA2 SPAV Score35
12U/6th Grade Bronze