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Fall Kickoff Tournament 2015

Fall Kickoff 2015

September 19-20, 2015
American Sports Center
1500 S. Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

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9U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score23 HomeJr. Hoops Score38
DaySat Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score19 HomeSCA Score30
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSCA Score38 HomeJr. Hoops Score25
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorA2 Jr. Hoops Score27 HomeA3 SGV 3 Blue Score8
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorA1 SCA Score25 HomeWinner A2/A3 Jr. Hoops Score19
9U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score2 HomeDominators Black Score57
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score33 HomeDominators Black Score14
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score8 HomeBout That Basketball Score46
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOC Rebelz Score10 HomeBout That Basketball Score34
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOC Rebelz Score2 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score29
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score9 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score37
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorDominators Black Score15 HomeOC Rebelz Score0
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 3 Black Score13 HomeOC Rebelz Score11
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorDominators Black Score26 HomeBout That Basketball Score7
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorBout That Basketball Score13 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score35
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score17 HomeA2 Dominators Black Score22
10U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score42 HomePro Skills Score23
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorPro Skills Score34 HomeBout That Basketball Score42
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score24 HomeJr. Hoops Blue Score20
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorJr. Hoops Blue Score28 HomeBout That Basketball Score17
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score26 HomeBout That Basketball Score32
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorJr. Hoops Blue Score38 HomePro Skills Score17
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Jr. Hoops Blue Score36 HomeA2 SGV 4 Blue Score31
10U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 4 Black Score7 HomeJW Basketball Score18
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 4 Black Score36 HomeLA Elite Score16
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorGamepoint Black Score7 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score55
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorJW Basketball Score36 HomeLA Elite Score10
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score22 HomeGamepoint Black Score25
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score9 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score35
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorA3 Campus Basketball Score12 HomeB3 LA Elite Score19
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score28 HomeB2 SGV 4 Black Score17
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorB1 JW Basketball Score37 HomeA2 Gamepoint Black Score17
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Open Gym Premier Black Score34 HomeWinner B1/A2 JW Basketball Score25
11U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 5 Black Score25 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score36
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorSPK Score14 HomeKnockout Score34
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorRSM Ballers Score59 HomeSGV 5 Black Score15
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSPK Score23 HomeDominators Green Score49
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorRSM Ballers Score28 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score20
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorKnockout Score35 HomeBlue Lightning Score24
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorDominators Green Score28 HomeBlue Lightning Score22
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorBlue Lightning Score18 HomeSPK Score34
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorDominators Green Score45 HomeKnockout Score24
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 RSM Ballers Score37 HomeB2 Knockout Score46
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorB1 Dominators Green Score39 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Black Score33
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA3 SGV 5 Black Score25 HomeB3 SPK Score35
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Knockout Score32 HomeWinner B1/A2 Dominators Green Score48
11U Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorJW Basketball Score17 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score31
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorDominators Grey Score12 HomeTeam Dojo Score34
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score15 HomeTeam Dojo Score43
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorGamepoint Black Score0 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score15
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score26 HomeDominators Grey Score29
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorGamepoint Black Score12 HomeJW Basketball Score54
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA1 Team Dojo Score37 HomeB2 JW Basketball Score17
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorB1 San Diego Warriors Score45 HomeA2 Dominators Grey Score12
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA3 Campus Basketball Score25 HomeB3 Gamepoint Black Score28
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Team Dojo Score18 HomeWinner B1/A2 San Diego Warriors Score30
12U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSNU Showtime Score21 HomeSCA Score62
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score31 HomeBout That Basketball Score46
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorDominators Green Score80 HomeSNU Showtime Score29
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score37 HomeBout That Basketball Score49
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSCA Score52 HomeDominators Green Score39
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score46 HomeSGV 6 Blue Score34
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA1 Bout That Basketball Score41 HomeB2 Dominators Green Score35
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorB1 SCA Score48 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score33
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorA3 SGV 6 Blue Score55 HomeB3 SNU Showtime Score38
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 SCA Score46 HomeWinner B1/A2 Bout That Basketball Score36
12U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorJW Basketball Score28 HomeElite Impact Score36
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 6 Black Score23 HomeJAM Score38
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorJW Basketball Score16 HomeDominators Black Score33
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSGV 6 Black Score11 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score40
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorElite Impact Score22 HomeDominators Black Score52
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorAVAC Score34 HomeJAM Score28
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorAVAC Score16 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score42
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score39 HomeJAM Score22
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 6 Black Score6 HomeAVAC Score48
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorA1 Dominators Black Score26 HomeB2 AVAC Score25
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorB1 Open Gym Premier Blue Score35 HomeA2 Elite Impact Score26
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Dominators Black Score34 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score41
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA3 JW Basketball Score36 HomeB3 JAM Score22
12U Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score39 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score18
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score36 HomeEastvale Ball Up Score29
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score26 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score65
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorLA Elite Score30 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score24
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorAcademy of Future Ballers 11U Score36 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score51
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorPTBA Score30 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score25
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorLA Elite Score19 HomeEastvale Ball Up Score29
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorAcademy of Future Ballers 11U Score45 HomePTBA Score24
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score30 HomeAcademy of Future Ballers 11U Score43
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score29 HomeLA Elite Score19
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorEastvale Ball Up Score45 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score37
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorSan Diego Warriors Score28 HomePTBA Score16
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorA1 San Diego Warriors Score64 HomeB2 Eastvale Ball Up Score21
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorB1 Campus Basketball Score18 HomeA2 Academy of Future Ballers 11U Score30
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 San Diego Warriors Score23 HomeWinner B1/A2 Academy of Future Ballers 11U Score43
13U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorSGV 7 Blue Score40 HomeCompton Magic Pete Score50
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score38 HomeCompton Magic Eddie Score51
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorSGV 7 Blue Score44 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score16
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSDS Seal Score36 HomeGamepoint Elite Score28
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorCompton Magic Pete Score56 HomeSan Diego Sabers Score38
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSDS Seal Score38 HomeCompton Magic Eddie Score56
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSan Diego Sabers Score28 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score36
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSGV 7 Blue Score41 HomeSan Diego Sabers Score18
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score31 HomeCompton Magic Pete Score46
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorA1 Compton Magic Pete Score53 HomeB2 SDS Seal Score37
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorB1 Compton Magic Eddie Score41 HomeA2 SGV 7 Blue Score39
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorA3 Open Gym Premier Elite Score36 HomeB3 Gamepoint Elite Score37
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Compton Magic Pete Score39 HomeWinner B1/A2 Compton Magic Eddie Score38
13U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score41 HomeSouth Coast Avengers Score19
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score40 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score41
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorA-Team Score60 HomeSouth Coast Avengers Score21
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSNU Showtime Score43 HomeGamepoint Black Score17
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorPTBA Score31 HomeMission Viejo Sundevils Score43
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorGamepoint Premier Score32 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score40
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorGamepoint Black Score22 HomeSPAV Score56
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSNU Showtime Score29 HomeMission Viejo Sundevils Score40
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorGamepoint Premier Score18 HomeA-Team Score76
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorPTBA Score36 HomeSPAV Score30
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorA-Team Score64 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score35
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorSNU Showtime Score39 HomeSPAV Score30
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score42 HomeGamepoint Premier Score19
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorBaldwin Hills Elite Score42 HomeSouth Coast Avengers Score35
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorSNU Showtime Score37 HomePTBA Score20
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorMission Viejo Sundevils Score53 HomeGamepoint Black Score25
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorA-Team Score53 HomeCampus Basketball Score21
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorSouth Coast Avengers Score31 HomeGamepoint Premier Score15
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorPTBA Score15 HomeGamepoint Black Score0
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSPAV Score35 HomeMission Viejo Sundevils Score51
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 A-Team Score59 HomeB1 Mission Viejo Sun Devils Score43
13U Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSGV 7 Black Score25 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score34
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorJr. Hoops Score56 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score24
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorKBC Score71 Home24/7 Score49
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorSGV 7 Black Score34 HomeSocal Thunder Score20
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorKBC Score36 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score14
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorJr. Hoops Score53 Home24/7 Score49
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorHesperia Big Shots Score0 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score15
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorHesperia Big Shots Score0 HomeSocal Thunder Score15
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorSGV 7 Black Score15 HomeHesperia Big Shots Score0
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score35 HomeSocal Thunder Score29
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtF2 Visitor24/7 Score51 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score26
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorKBC Score49 HomeJr. Hoops Score25
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorA1 KBC Score33 HomeB2 SGV 7 Black Score34
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorB1 Open Gym Premier Black Score39 HomeA2 Jr. Hoops Score36
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 SGV 7 Black Score11 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Black Score29
14U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorSPK Score54 HomeSBS Blue Score30
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorSGV 8 Blue Score35 HomeGamepoint Premier Score24
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSCA (JMax) Score33 HomeTeam Veritas Score28
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorCompton Magic Score45 HomeCity Stars Score31
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtG1 VisitorSPK Score42 HomeSCA (Part) Score47
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtG2 VisitorSBS Blue Score34 HomeGamepoint Elite Score55
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorSGV 8 Blue Score25 HomeSCA (JMax) Score48
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorCompton Magic Score62 HomeSan Diego Sabers Score53
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorTeam Veritas Score48 HomeGamepoint Premier Score22
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtH1 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score34 HomeSCA (Part) Score43
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSan Diego Sabers Score41 HomeCity Stars Score47
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorSCA (JVE) Score72 HomeKings Basketball Academy Elite Score46
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorVegas Ballerz Score32 HomeEastvale Ball Up Score42
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorEastvale Ball Up Score67 HomeKings Basketball Academy Elite Score41
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSCA (JVE) Score70 HomeVegas Ballerz Score41
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorGamepoint Premier Score27 HomeSCA (JMax) Score43
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorGamepoint Elite Score28 HomeSPK Score57
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSCA (Part) Score48 HomeSBS Blue Score52
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorSCA (JVE) Score59 HomeEastvale Ball Up Score31
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSGV 8 Blue Score35 HomeTeam Veritas Score38
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorVegas Ballerz Score47 HomeKings Basketball Academy Elite Score41
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorA1 SCA (JMax) Score46 HomeC1 SCA (JVE) Score39
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorB1 SCA (Part) Score40 HomeD1 Compton Magic Score53
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorD2 City Stars Score49 HomeC2 Eastvale Ball Up Score41
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorD3 San Diego Sabers Score28 HomeC3 Vegas Ballerz Score47
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorWinner A1/B1 SCA (JMax) Score46 HomeWinner C1/D1 Compton Magic Score48
14U Silver