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Halloween Classic 2015

Halloween Classic 2015

October 24-25, 2015
American Sports Center
1500 S. Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

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10U/4th Grade Girls
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 4 Black Score7 HomeSoBay Breakers Score5
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorFro13 Score9 HomeSGV 4 Black Score35
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorPasadena Vikings Score4 HomeSoBay Breakers Score13
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorPasadena Vikings Score7 HomeFro13 Score8
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorFro13 Score4 HomeSoBay Breakers Score28
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorA1 SGV 4 Black Score8 HomeA2 SoBay Breakers Score6
11U/5th Grade Girls
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorCLO Score32 HomeWolfpack Score26
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorR2H Score19 HomeSGV 5 White Score22
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorCLO Score43 HomeCal Storm Score5
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 5 White Score14 HomeWolfpack Score26
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorR2H Score26 HomeCal Storm Score10
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorWolfpack Score32 HomeCal Storm Score8
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 5 White Score16 HomeCLO Score20
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorR2H Score20 HomeWolfpack Score25
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 5 White Score24 HomeCal Storm Score5
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCLO Score34 HomeR2H Score17
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Wolfpack Score23 HomeA2 SGV 5 White Score18
12U/6th Grade Girls
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorFro13 Score17 HomeSocal Shooters Score28
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSocal Shooters Score39 HomeShooting Starz Score14
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Score12 HomeWolfpack Score43
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorFro13 Score7 HomeShooting Starz Score18
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWolfpack Score22 HomeSocal Wolfpack Score44
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Score19 HomeSocal Wolfpack Score26
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorA3 Fro13 Score20 HomeB3 OGP Score18
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA1 So Cal Shooters Score26 HomeB2 Wolfpack Score27
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorB1 So Cal Wolfpack Score31 HomeA2 Shooting Stars Score10
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Wolfpack Score26 HomeWinner B1/A2 Socal Wolfpack Score19
13U/7th Grade Girls
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorCal Storm Score34 HomeSocal Shooters Green Score44
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSocal Wolfpack Score26 HomeR2H Score8
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorR2H Score35 HomeSocal Shooters Green Score20
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorCal Storm Score10 HomeSocal Wolfpack Score41
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWolfpack Score12 HomeLady Heat Score10
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWEBA Score30 HomeFro13 Score4
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWolfpack Score25 HomeFro13 Score12
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLady Heat Score37 HomeWEBA Score19
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSocal Shooters Green Score20 HomeSocal Wolfpack Score40
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorR2H Score31 HomeCal Storm Score22
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorWolfpack Score20 HomeWEBA Score35
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorLady Heat Score30 HomeFro13 Score9
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Lady Heat Score32 HomeB2 R2H Score13
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorB1 Socal Wolfpack Score20 HomeA2 WEBA Score29
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Lady Heat Score24 HomeWinner B1/A2 WEBA Score20
8U/2nd Grade
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score3 HomeSCV Next Level Score17
DaySat Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score0 HomeTeam Veritas Score18
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSCV Next Level Score16 HomeOpen Gym Premier Score20
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorTeam Veritas Score20 HomeOpen Gym Premier Score4
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score10 HomeOpen Gym Premier Score19
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorTeam Veritas Score7 HomeSCV Next Level Score8
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA1 Team Veritas Score9 HomeA2 SCV Next Level Score14
9U/3rd Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorWest Coast Select 2024 Score11 HomeBout That Basketball Score15
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score29 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score22
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorTeam Dtermined Score16 HomeWest Coast Select 2024 Score25
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score17 HomeThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score24
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorTeam Dtermined Score17 HomeBout That Basketball Score28
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score33 HomeThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score34
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorA1 The Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score47 HomeB2 West Coast Select Score15
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA3 LN Bruins Score29 HomeB3 Team Dtermined Score10
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorB1 Bout That Basketball Score12 HomeA2 SGV 3 Blue Score8
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 The Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score30 HomeWinner B1/A2 Bout That Basketball Score18
9U/3rd Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorMaharlika Score30 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score27
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSocal Shooters Score6 HomeTeam DTermined JV Score34
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorMaharlika Score34 HomeVegas Panthers Score44
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorLA Elite Score23 HomeTeam DTermined JV Score9
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorVegas Panthers Score30 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score29
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorLA Elite Score19 HomeSocal Shooters Score7
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorA3 OGP Black Score15 HomeB3 So Cal Shooters Score0
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorA1 Vegas Panthers Score15 HomeB2 Team DTermined Score0
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorB1 LA Elite Score10 HomeA2 Maharlika Score37
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Vegas Panthers Score22 HomeWinner B1/A2 Maharlika Score20
10U/4th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSD Republic Score41 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score30
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSD Republic Score21 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score13
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score15 HomeBout That Basketball Score21
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorBout That Basketball Score32 HomeTeam DTermined Score33
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorTeam DTermined Score19 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score17
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score31 HomeTeam DTermined Score38
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score11 HomeBout That Basketball Score27
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorSD Republic Score41 HomeTeam DTermined Score38
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score20 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score29
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorBout That Basketball Score27 HomeSD Republic Score19
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorA1 Bout That Basketball Score26 HomeA2 Team DTermined Score33
10U/4th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorLA Elite Score30 Home5onFive Black Score31
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorSCV Next Level Score35 HomeLA Elite Score13
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSCV Next Level Score26 Home5onFive Black Score22
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorA2 5onFive Black Score29 HomeA3 LA Elite Score22
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorA1 SCV Next Level Score27 HomeWinner A2/A3 5onFive Score14
10U/4th Grade Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorLA Select Score7 HomeCAVS Score17
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorTeam Dojo Black Score34 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score19
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorCAVS Score37 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score27
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorLA Select Score24 HomeTeam Dojo Black Score48
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB4 VisitorCAVS Score11 HomeTeam Dojo Black Score27
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorLA Select Score22 HomeKings Basketball Academy Score30
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorA1 Team Dojo Black Score13 HomeA2 CAVS Score19
11U/5th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorCAVS Score47 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score6
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSGV 5 Blue Score15 HomeTeam DTermined Score50
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorCAVS Score47 HomeBlue Lightning Score13
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorSGV 5 Blue Score37 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score36
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC4 VisitorTeam DTermined Score65 HomeBlue Lightning Score24
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorCAVS Score30 HomeTeam DTermined Score24
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorBlue Lightning Score26 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score33
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorCAVS Score36 HomeSGV 5 Blue Score12
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorTeam DTermined Score42 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score20
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorBlue Lightning Score23 HomeSGV 5 Blue Score33
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 CAVS Score36 HomeA2 Team DTermined Score17
11U/5th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score29 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score21
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorWEBA Score23 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score20
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score13 HomeRSM Ballers Score37
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorWEBA Score22 HomeRSM Ballers Score35
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSGV 4 Blue Score24 HomeWEBA Score25
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorRSM Ballers Score33 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score16
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorA1 RSM Ballers Score35 HomeA2 WEBA Score26
11U/5th Grade Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorTeam DTermined JV Score17 HomeFYTT Elite Score15
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorTeam Dojo Score30 HomeSan Diego Bulldogs Score15
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorSan Diego Bulldogs Score37 HomeTeam DTermined JV Score13
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorTeam Dojo Score42 HomeFYTT Elite Score16
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorMaharlika Score46 HomeLA Elite Score18
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSan Diego Warriors Score50 HomeSocal Spartans Score20
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSan Diego Warriors Score56 HomeLA Elite Score28
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorMaharlika Score42 HomeSocal Spartans Score11
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorMaharlika Score38 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score22
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorSan Diego Bulldogs Score38 HomeFYTT Elite Score13
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorSocal Spartans Score25 HomeLA Elite Score17
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorTeam Dtermined JV Score17 HomeTeam Dojo Score42
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorA1 Mahrlika Score37 HomeB2 San Diego Bulldogs Score23
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorB1 Team Dojo Score51 HomeA2 San Diego Warriors Score29
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Maharlika Score43 HomeWinner B1/A2 Team Dojo Score27
12U/6th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score17 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score30
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD4 VisitorSGV 6 Blue Score23 HomeSCV Next Level Score31
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorBout That Basketball Score36 HomeEarl Watson Elite Score31
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSCV Next Level Score21 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score31
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorBout That Basketball Score47 HomeThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score44
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorEarl Watson Elite Score33 HomeThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score43
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorA3 Earl Watson Elite Score37 HomeB3 SGV 6 Blue Score30
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA1 Bout That Basketball Score46 HomeB2 SCV Next Level Score18
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorB1 OGP Elite Score39 HomeA2 The Truth Score46
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Bout That Basketball Score34 HomeWinner B1/A2 The Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score40
12U/6th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC4 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score36 HomeGamepoint Elite Score28
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorLA Select Score44 HomeElite Sports Club Score29
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorLA Select Score33 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score29
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorElite Sports Club Score42 HomeGamepoint Elite Score43
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD4 VisitorLA Select Score25 HomeGamepoint Elite Score31
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score38 HomeElite Sports Club Score29
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Blue Score29 HomeA2 Gamepoint Score20
12U/6th Grade Bronze 1