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Winter Challenge 2015

Winter Challenge 2015

December 19-20, 2015
American Sports Center
1500 S. Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

Indihoops Certified Tournament

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8U/2nd Grade
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 2 Blue Score7 HomeSCV Next Level Score31
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorShepherd Sports Score20 HomeSGV 2 Blue Score18
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score29 HomeTeam Nikos Score30
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSCV Next Level Score28 HomeShepherd Sports Score13
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOC Breakers Score14 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score22
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOC Breakers Score15 HomeTeam Nikos Score24
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Team Nikos Score36 HomeB2 Shepherd Sports Score8
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorB1 SCV Next Level Score23 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score15
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA3 OC Breakers Score20 HomeB3 SGV 2 Blue Score13
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A3/B3 OC Breakers Score11 HomeLoser A1/B2 Shepherd Sports Score18
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorLoser A3/B3 SGV 2 Blue Score8 HomeLoser B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score26
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Team Nikos Score21 HomeWinner B1/A2 SCV Next Level Score26
9U/3rd Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorShepherd Sports Score28 HomeDominators Score30
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score16 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score41
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorDominators Score38 Homebout That Basketball Score16
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSGV 3 Blue Score16 HomeTeam Nikos Black Score25
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score32 HomeShepherd Sports Score28
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorTeam Nikos Black Score23 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score37
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score25 Homebout That Basketball Score20
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorShepherd Sports Score23 Homebout That Basketball Score21
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorDominators Score21 HomeThe Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score33
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score26 HomeB2 Dominators Score29
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorB1 The Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score39 HomeA2 Team Nikos Black Score18
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorA3 SGV 3 Blue Score22 HomeB4 bout That Basketball Score15
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA3 SGV 3 Blue Score34 HomeB3 Shepherd Sports Score37
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorLoser A1/B2 Open Gym Premier Black Score49 HomeLoser B1/A2 Team Nikos Black Score15
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Dominators Score33 HomeWinner B1/A2 The Truth - Paul Pierce Nike Score24
9U/3rd Grade Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorEdge Score26 HomeIBA Basketball Score24
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorIBA Basketball Score26 HomeSocal Elite Score30
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorSocal Elite Score12 HomeEdge Score25
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorTeam Nikos White Score9 HomeOGP South Score23
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLA Elite Score8 HomeTeam Nikos White Score23
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOGP South Score44 HomeLA Elite Score7
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorA1 Edge Score7 HomeB2 Team Nikos White Score8
DaySun Time8:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorB1 OGP South Score36 HomeA2 Socal Elite Score21
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorA3 IBA Basketball Score31 HomeB3 LA Elite Score12
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A3/B3 IBA Basketball Score30 HomeLoser A1/B2 Edge Score18
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLoser A3/B3 LA Elite Score15 HomeLoser B1/A2 Socal Elite Score28
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Team Nikos White Score24 HomeWinner B1/A2 OGP South Score19
10U/4th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorB2B Score15 HomeTeam Nikos Black Score22
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score36 HomeTeam Nikos Black Score31
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorB2B Score23 HomeBeach City Score38
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSouthbay Mambas Score29 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score13
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA4 Visitorbout That Basketball Score32 HomeSCV Next Level Score38
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorBeach City Score13 HomeSouthbay Mambas Score37
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCity Ballers Score37 HomeSCV Next Level Score31
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorDominators Score43 HomeTeam DTermined Score32
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorTeam DTermined Score29 HomeCity Ballers Score31
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA2 Visitorbout That Basketball Score16 HomeDominators Score35
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorTeam DTermined Score21 Homebout That Basketball Score34
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorB2B Score21 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score20
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSCV Next Level Score31 HomeDominators Score36
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSouthbay Mambas Score32 HomeTeam Nikos Black Score25
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score29 HomeBeach City Score37
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorCity Ballers Score35 Homebout That Basketball Score31
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtB4 VisitorTeam DTermined Score48 HomeSCV Next Level Score30
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSouthbay Mambas Score32 HomeB2B Score17
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorCity Ballers Score28 HomeDominators Score34
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorTeam Nikos Black Score26 HomeBeach City Score36
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Southbay Mambas Score36 HomeB1 Dominators Score41
10U/4th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time8:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorFastbreak Sports Score30 HomeSocal Elite Score29
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA4 VisitorSocal Elite Score8 HomeBurbank Raptors Score42
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorFastbreak Sports Score23 HomeNext Generation Score16
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorNext Generation Score22 HomeAVAC Score26
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorBurbank Raptors Score39 HomeAVAC Score34
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorBurbank Raptors Score36 HomeFastbreak Sports Score23
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtA4 VisitorBurbank Raptors Score36 HomeNext Generation Score25
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorAVAC Score33 HomeSocal Elite Score21
DaySUN Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSocal Elite Score46 HomeNext Generation Score21
DaySUN Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorAVAC Score31 HomeFastbreak Sports Score38
DaySun Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Burbank Raptors Score13 HomeA2 Fastbreak Sports Score2
10U/4th Grade Bronze