• All games will consist of two 20 minute halves.
  • All games will be running clock unless game is within 15 points in the final two minutes of the game in which a stop clock will be used.
  • Teams are in double bonus free throws when the other team reaches ten team fouls for the half. There is no single bonus.
  • Each team receives three full timeouts per game and one additional timeout per overtime. Unused timeouts do not carry into overtime periods.
  • Individual players foul out if they receive five personal fouls.
  • Each game will have a minimum of five minutes of warm-up time and halftime will be three minutes.
  • Overtime periods will be two minute stop clock time and will continue for as many overtimes as necessary.
  • The home team is responsible for providing the game ball.
  • The home team must wear light colored uniform tops and the away team must wear dark colored uniform tops.
  • Only one coach is allowed to stand at a time per team and must stay in the designated coaching box.
  • Any team who does not have five players by the start of the game will be given a grace period of ten minutes before the game starts. After ten minutes from the scheduled start of the game, the team can play with four players if they choose to do so. If they have less than four players, they forfeit.
  • In youth divisions, players may enter the lane on free throws when the ball touches the rim. In high school divisions, players may enter the lane when the ball is released out of the shooter"s hand.
  • Game officials have the authority to eject players and coaches for poor sportsmanship at their discretion. All ejections are reviewed by the referee assignor and tournament director.
  • The game is not officially over until both teams and their respective coaches have left the court and their benches. Players, coaches and spectators are responsible for their post game actions.
  • Players are not allowed to play for multiple teams at the same grade / age level, regardless of whether they are playing in different divisions (gold, silver, bronze, etc). Players may play for multiple teams only if they are not in the same grade / age level. For instance, if a 7th grade / 13U player is on a "gold" division team, he may not play for a 7th grade / 13U "silver" division team. He may, however, play for a 6th grade / 12U team in any division if he is playing up in the 7th grade / 13U division and meets the eligibility criteria to play in the 6th grade / 12U division.
  • All coaches must check-in at the designated location and receive a wristband in order to sit on the bench. Only two coaches are allowed per team. A program director may take the place of an assistant coach with prior approval.
  • All teams must be certified one hour prior to their first game at the designated team check-in.
  • All players must be on the roster at the team certification before their first game. Players cannot be added after the team is certified. If a player is going to miss the team"s first game, he still must be listed on the roster and certified with the proper paperwork.
  • Teams must present a hard copy report card for each player. If a player is seeking an age exception, a hard copy birth certificate must be present. To receive an age exception, a player must be a year younger than the division age as of September 1st. For instance, in the 6th Grade / 12U Division, a player would have to be eleven years old as of August 31st in order to be eligible to play in the 6th Grade/12U Division.
  • A player must play in at least one game in pool play to be eligible to play with a team in the playoff / bracket round of the tournament. No players can be added to a team, even if they are on the original roster, if they do not play in any pool play games.
  • If a team does not follow the certification process they may be removed from the tournament without a refund.
  • An opposing coach can submit a challenge of a player"s grade, or age exception, with a $50.00 deposit, within ten minutes from the end of the game in question.
  • All boys divisions 6th Grade / 12U and up will use the full size 29.5 regulation basketball.
  • All girls divisions, and boys divisions in 5th Grade and below will use the 28.5 size basketball.
  • Coaches are responsible for controlling team spectators and fans. Referees and tournament officials have the authority to ask a player to leave for unsportsmanlike conduct. Teams can receive technical fouls for the actions of their coaches, players and spectators.
  • If a coach, player or spectator is ejected from the game, the tournament director reserves the right to be able to suspend the ejected coach, player or spectator for one game. The suspended coach, player or spectator may not be allowed on the property for the game in which they are suspended.
  • In the event of a two-way tie in pool play, the tie will be determined by the head-to-head outcome between the teams.
  • In the event of a three-way tie, the tie will be determined by point differential with a maximum +/- of 15 points in any one game and only games against teams involved in the tie will be factored in. If there is a tie in point margin differential between two teams within the three-way tie, head-to-head will be used to determine which of the two teams advances. In the event that point differential does not break the tie between any of the teams (three or more teams), the tie between these remaining teams only will be determined by least points allowed against all of the teams involved in the tie.
  • For any game that results in a forfeit, the score will be 15 – 0. The winning team receives a +15 and the losing team receives a -15.
  • All players must have a different number or a technical foul will be called if it is noticed by a referee.
  • All other rules, not specifically mentioned herein, will be in accordance with CIF high school basketball rules.


Chris Balasinki, owner of Gray Fox Officiating, is the exclusive referee assigner for any Open Gym basketball league or tournament. Chris began his officiating career with the Orange County High School Association in 2007 and was promoted to a full varsity schedule in his second season. In the summer of 2009, he was hired to work college games for the NAIA and local NCAA Division 3 conferences. He is also active on the pro-am circuit, working games for the JBL, Drew League, Venice Beach and the American Basketball Association. In 2012, after a solid run at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, Chris was hired to the NBA Developmental League, where he will continue pursuing his dream of reaching the pros.

There are only two types of officials that Chris recruits onto his staff - those among the college ranks, already working top level basketball, and those aspiring to get there. His crews feature a balance of talent and experience, with every member expected to demonstrate a professional work ethic, astute judgement, and a devotion to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

Questions or feedback concerning the officiating at Open Gym can be directed to his email. Coaches and parents are also encouraged to send in video footage of close calls or atypical situations for a rules interpretation and for potential use as a teaching tool at future Open Gym referee camps and clinics.

Showdown Tournament 2015

August 15-16, 2015
American Sports Center
1500 S. Anaheim Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

Please select the games you would like to see from the menu in the top right corner.

Click on your team name in the pools for schedule highlights.

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#OGPShowdown: Share your pictures and tweets with this hashtag.


8U/2nd Grade
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorLA Select Score2 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score61
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorTeam Veritas Score16 HomeShepherd Sports Score30
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorLA Select Score0 HomeShepherd Sports Score15
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score16 HomeTeam Veritas Score8
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorLA Select Score3 HomeTeam Veritas Score22
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score25 HomeShepherd Sports Score24
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score10 HomeA2 Shepherd Sports Score35
9U/3rd Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorPro Skills Score25 HomeCity Ballers Score16
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSCA Score38 HomeSD Republic Score40
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSD Republic Score25 HomePro Skills Score28
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSCA Score13 HomeCity Ballers Score28
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA1 VisitorPro Skills Score40 HomeSCA Score17
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorCity Ballers Score26 HomeSD Republic Score27
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Pro Skills Score38 HomeA2 San Diego Republic Score42
9U/3rd Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLA Select Score19 HomeDTLA West Ballers Score32
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score38 HomeCalifornia Basketball Group Score13
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score31 HomeLA Select Score15
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorCalifornia Basketball Group Score18 HomeDTLA West Ballers Score52
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score16 HomeDTLA West Ballers Score14
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorCalifornia Basketball Group Score27 HomeLA Select Score8
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score21 HomeA2 DTLA West Ballers Score13
10U/4th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score30 HomeCity Ballers Score31
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorSCA 2023 Black Score27 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score25
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorCity Ballers Score28 HomeSCA 2023 Black Score21
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorA2 SCA 2023 Black Score36 HomeA3 Laguna Niguel Bruins Score17
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorA1 City Ballers Score32 HomeWinner A2/A3 SCA 2023 Black Score22
10U/4th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorSPK Score15 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score0
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score23 HomeCampus Basketball Score25
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorJW Basketball Score33 HomeCampus Basketball Score12
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtA2 VisitorSPK Score38 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score20
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorJus Ball Score28 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score14
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorBaldwin Hills Elite Score0 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score15
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorJW Basketball Score31 HomeJus Ball Score29
DaySun Time9:00 AM CourtG2 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score22 HomeSPK Score48
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorJW Basketball Score45 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score16
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorJus Ball Score31 HomeCampus Basketball Score23
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA3 Open Gym Premier Black Score42 HomeB3 Campus Basketball Score9
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 SPK Score29 HomeB2 Jus Ball Score33
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorB1 JW Basketball Score42 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Black Score34
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Jus Ball Score20 HomeWinner B1/A2 JW Basketball Score34
11U/5th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score46 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score15
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score48 HomePacific Elite Score11
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorShepherd Sports Red Score45 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score27
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorNEBA Score37 HomeShepherd Sports Red Score25
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorNEBA Score28 HomePacific Elite Score25
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score37 HomeShepherd Sports Red Score25
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorPacific Elite Score57 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score26
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorNEBA Score64 HomeLaguna Niguel Bruins Score21
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score31 HomeNEBA Score46
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorPacific Elite Score23 HomeShepherd Sports Red Score49
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 NEBA Score33 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score48
11U/5th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorLA Select Score38 HomeImpact Basketball Score42
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorLA Select Score37 HomeJAM Score26
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score37 HomeJW Basketball Score34
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorJAM Score32 HomeImpact Basketball Score53
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorJW Basketball Score43 HomeSocal Spartans Score18
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score44 HomeSocal Spartans Score9
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA3 JAM Score32 HomeB3 Socal Spartans Score8
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Impact Basketball Score43 HomeB2 JW Basketball Score40
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorB1 Open Gym Premier Blue Score31 HomeA2 LA Select Score25
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Impact Basketball Score28 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score35
11U/5th Grade Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB1 VisitorCampus Basketball Score25 HomeShepherd Sports Blue Score19
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorSan Diego Warriors Score27 HomeBraves Score24
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score46 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score37
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorShepherd Sports Blue Score47 HomeBraves Score21
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorSan Diego Warriors Score31 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score18
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorBraves Score35 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score26
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorShepherd Sports Blue Score50 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score41
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score43 HomeSan Diego Warriors Score24
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorShepherd Sports Blue Score60 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score50
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorCampus Basketball Score33 HomeBraves Score23
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorA1 Campus Basketball Score44 HomeA2 Shepherd Sports Blue Score47
12U/6th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorGametime Elite Score54 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score35
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorGametime Elite Score54 HomeDominators 11U Score35
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score56 HomeCoastal Elite Score23
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorDominators 11U Score39 HomeCoastal Elite Score16
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorBFT Score45 HomeAnd1 Academy Elite Score24
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorBFT Score50 HomeDominators SB Red 11U Score51
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorAnd1 Academy Elite Score25 HomeElite Sports Club Score49
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorElite Sports Club Score34 HomeDominators SB Red 11U Score40
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorDominators SB Red 11U Score47 HomeAnd1 Academy Elite Score34
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtB2 VisitorGametime Elite Score52 HomeCoastal Elite Score23
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score60 HomeDominators 11U Score29
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorElite Sports Club Score31 HomeBFT Score40
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorA1 Gametime Elite Score75 HomeB2 BFT Score50
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorB1 Dominators SB Red 11U Score34 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score45
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Gametime Elite Score59 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score49
12U/6th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorShepherd Sports Red Score46 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score30
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Blue Score19 HomeJW Basketball Score52
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorShepherd Sports Red Score57 HomeAnd1 Academy B Score26
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSocal Spartans Black Score40 HomeJW Basketball Score24
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtA2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score46 HomeAnd1 Academy B Score39
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtB1 VisitorSocal Spartans Black Score78 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score2
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorA1 Shepherd Sports Red Score44 HomeB2 JW Basketball Score40
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorB1 Socal Spartans Black Score61 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Black Score24
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorA3 And1 Academy B Score47 HomeB3 Open Gym Premier Blue Score24
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Shepherd Sports Red Score27 HomeWinner B1/A2 Socal Spartans Black Score43
13U/7th Grade Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorSPK Score41 HomeTeam Veritas Score26
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorDominators SB Red 12U Score25 HomeOakland Rebels Score40
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorSPK Score50 HomeDominators SB Score34
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorTeam Veritas Score30 HomeOakland Rebels Score58
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSPK Score31 HomeOakland Rebels Score37
DaySUN Time2:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorTeam Veritas Score54 HomeDominators SB Score29
13U/7th Grade Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorSD Republic Score42 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score28
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorBFT Score58 HomeHollywood Flyers Score46
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorSD Republic Score62 HomeHollywood Flyers Score48
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score30 HomeBFT Score65
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorA-Team Score15 HomeWolfpack Score29
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorA-Team Score31 HomeAnd1 Academy Elite Score33
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorDominators SB Red 12U Score28 HomeWolfpack Score40
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorDominators SB Red 12U Score25 HomeAnd1 Academy Elite Score36
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC1 VisitorSD Republic Score38 HomeBFT Score39
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorHollywood Flyers Score55 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score41
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorA-Team Score49 HomeDominators SB Red 12U Score34
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorWolfpack Score30 HomeAnd1 Academy Elite Score31
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorA1 BFT Score47 HomeB2 Wolfpack Score29
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorB1 And1 Academy Elite Score30 HomeA2 SD Republic Score39
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 BFT Score40 HomeWinner B1/A2 SD Republic Score47
13U/7th Grade Bronze
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Orange Score22 HomeSocal Spartans Score45
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSan Diego SWAT Score39 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score40
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorSan Diego Highlight Score36 HomeSocal Spartans Score27
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score33 HomeOpen Gym Premier Blue Score37
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSan Diego Highlight Score59 HomeOpen Gym Premier Orange Score37
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorLaguna Niguel Bruins Score21 HomeSan Diego SWAT Score27
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorA3 Open Gym Premier Orange Score39 HomeB3 Laguna Niguel Bruins Score35
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorA1 San Diego Highlight Score32 HomeB2 San Diego SWAT Score27
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorB1 Open Gym Premier Blue Score47 HomeA2 Socal Spartans Score26
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtE1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 San Diego Highlight Score48 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Blue Score29
14U/8th Grade Silver 1
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorJAM Score25 HomeDominators Score41
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorSocal Spartans Score40 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score48
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSan Diego SWAT Score58 HomeJAM Score37
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorSocal Spartans Score18 HomeDominators Score44
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSan Diego SWAT Score38 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score32
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorJAM Score54 HomeSocal Spartans Score51
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorSan Diego SWAT Score35 HomeDominators Score49
DaySUN Time11:00 AM CourtG1 VisitorJAM Score48 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score45
DaySUN Time12:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSan Diego SWAT Score50 HomeSocal Spartans Score31
DaySUN Time1:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorDominators Score52 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score47
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorA1 Dominators Score49 HomeA2 San Diego SWAT Score47
14U/8th Grade Silver 2
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorLA Select Score30 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score38
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorIslanders Score16 HomeLA Select Score48
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorClutch Score45 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score54
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorIslanders Score25 HomeClutch Score111
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorIslanders Score9 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score65
DaySUN Time9:00 AM CourtG1 VisitorLA Select Score27 HomeClutch Score63
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtG2 VisitorA1 Open Gym Premier Black Score45 HomeA2 Clutch Score48
15U Gold
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtC2 VisitorInvitation Only Score49 HomeAYC Elite Score45
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorInvitation Only Score51 HomeA-Team Score47
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorSocal Spartans Score46 HomeAYC Elite Score44
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorSocal Spartans Score34 HomeA-Team Score24
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorInvitation Only Score43 HomeSocal Spartans Score29
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorA-Team Score25 HomeAYC Elite Score29
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorA1 Invitation Only Score59 HomeA2 Socal Spartans Score45
15U Silver
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorTeam Drew Score65 HomeSan Diego SWAT Score43
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorColorado River Voltage Score61 HomeTeam Industry Score42
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtF2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score46 HomeTeam Drew Score51
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score46 HomeSan Diego SWAT Score15
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorGametime Elite 13U Score50 HomeColorado River Voltage Score37
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorTeam Industry Score37 HomeGametime Elite 13U Score54
DaySun Time10:00 AM CourtE1 VisitorA3 San Diego SWAT Score41 HomeB3 Team Industry Score33
DaySun Time12:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorA1 Team Drew Score70 HomeB2 Colorado River Voltage Score62
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorB1 Gametime Elite 13U Score55 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Black Score46
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC1 VisitorWinner A1/B2 Team Drew Score38 HomeWinner B1/A2 Gametime Elite 13U Score41
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time9:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorTeam Industry Score42 HomeAttack the Day Bulldogs Score41
DaySAT Time11:00 AM CourtG1 VisitorJW Basketball Score59 HomeTeam Industry Score42
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorAttack the Day Bulldogs Score54 HomeJW Basketball Score30
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtH1 VisitorJr. Hoops Score46 HomeLa Mirada ACR Score43
DaySAT Time4:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorJr. Hoops Score46 HomeOpen Gym Premier Black Score34
DaySAT Time6:00 PM CourtD1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Black Score36 HomeLa Mirada ACR Score68
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorA3 Team Industry Score34 HomeB3 Open Gym Premier Black Score32
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtF2 VisitorA1 Attack the Day Bulldogs Score34 HomeB2 La Mirada ACR Score36
DaySun Time2:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorB1 Jr. Hoops Score57 HomeA2 JW Basketball Score27
DaySun Time4:00 PM CourtB2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 La Mirada ACR Score53 HomeWinner B1/A2 Jr. Hoops Score62
17U East
Day Time Court Visitor Score Home Score
DaySAT Time10:00 AM CourtD2 VisitorCABC Score71 HomeOpen Gym Premier Select Score56
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtE1 Visitor702 Attack Score50 HomeCABC Score55
DaySAT Time12:00 PM CourtF1 VisitorSC Warriors Elite Score48 HomeOpen Gym Premier Select Score71
DaySAT Time1:00 PM CourtH1 VisitorSocal Spartans Varsity Score34 HomeOpen Gym Premier Elite Score55
DaySAT Time2:00 PM CourtH2 Visitor702 Attack Score54 HomeSC Warriors Elite Score46
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorSocal Spartans Varsity Score54 HomeSC Warriors Select Score36
DaySAT Time3:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score53 HomeBaldwin Hills Elite Score57
DaySAT Time5:00 PM CourtD2 VisitorBaldwin Hills Elite Score28 HomeSC Warriors Select Score38
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtF1 VisitorCABC Score82 HomeSC Warriors Elite Score52
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtG1 VisitorBaldwin Hills Elite Score63 HomeSocal Spartans Varsity Score60
DaySUN Time10:00 AM CourtG2 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Select Score47 Home702 Attack Score41
DaySun Time11:00 AM CourtD1 VisitorOpen Gym Premier Elite Score39 HomeSC Warriors Select Score38
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtG1 VisitorA1 CABC Score51 HomeB2 Open Gym Premier Elite Score33
DaySun Time1:00 PM CourtG2 VisitorB1 Baldwin Hills Elite Score42 HomeA2 Open Gym Premier Select Score47
DaySun Time3:00 PM CourtC2 VisitorWinner A1/B2 CABC Score61 HomeWinner B1/A2 Open Gym Premier Select Score42
17U West