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Open Gym Premier's College Placement Service recruits, promotes, and places high character athletes to Colleges of all levels nationwide. Led by Jamie Stopnitzky's expertise and diverse network, our main goal is to help you make a selection from many, while finding the best overall fit for your future. We are in constant communication with College Coaches by phone, email, and text, targeting their biggest needs. With our unique and personal approach, we are directly involved with both the athlete and family throughout the entire process. Our mission is to mentor and assist players through the College admission and recruiting process.

What we do:
  • Communicate daily with College Coaches nationwide
  • Obtain player evaluations from College Coaches
  • Identify accurate information from College Coaches
  • Analyze multiple scholarships/offers with expertise
  • Assist with College applications and clearinghouse
  • Offer access to Collegiate scouts, marketing and media
Featured Alumni:
  • Addison Owen, Rice (NCAA DI)
  • Manny Joshua, Seton Hill (NCAA DII)
  • Lake Roberson, Castleton State (NCAA DIII)
  • Joe Tate, Hope International (NAIA DI)
  • Aaron Wilson, Simpson College (NAIA DII)
  • Arash Poorsina, Saddleback College (JUCO)
  • Brandon Averitt, LA Elite (Prep)
  • And many more...
Success Fee:

After the initial fee, the ONLY charge is a Success Fee that is due ONLY if the athlete is placed to a school through the efforts of Open Gym Premier.

Placement Fee
JUCO or Prep School $2,500
NAIA Div. II $3,000
NAIA Div. I $3,500
NCAA Div. III $4,000
NCAA Div. II $4,500
NCAA Div. I $5,000

"Coach Jamie went to work right away to help us collect all the required documentation in a very effective and professional manner. He was in communication with us throughout the process and facilitated all discussions successfully. We could not have been able to do this without him. Thanks for being a great mentor for Manny." - Rose Joshua

"Coach Mike Johnson and Jamie Stopnitzky could not have been a better team and we are so thankful they came into our lives. They were great mentors to my son while professionally taking care of business. Thank you!" - Linda Tate

"Coach Jamie Stopnitzky thank you for everything you did for Monty and our family. We would have never been able to make such a connection and it changed Monty’s life forever. Thank you!" - Jay Khela