Open Gym Premier (OGP) added to its comprehensive list of offerings with the announcement of a formal partnership with Hoag Orthopedic Institute (HOI). HOI is the leading, award winning unique orthopedic and spine hospital in Orange County. In addition to treating a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. more.HOI provides elite level care for youth through professional athletes as well as the everyday athlete with primary care sports medicine and orthopedic surgery care.

David Gazzaniga M.D, Division Chief of Sports Medicine at HOI and Head Physician for the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers, is excited about the new partnership. “Hoag Orthopedic Institute first opened its doors a little over a decade ago with the idea that we could deliver the best orthopedic care possible. Within the past couple of years, we have created the Division of Sports Medicine at HOI. Our initiative is to find ways to deliver world class orthopedic sports medicine care to the community in the same way we do for our professional and Olympic athletes. We looked immediately to Open Gym Premier because of their amazing reputation and their vision for the future. This vision is focused around safe and healthy youth sports and we couldn’t be happier to combine our talents for this purpose. I intimately know Open Gym Premier as a physician for their athletes and a father of a couple of basketball players. I know OGP has an emphasis on competing at the highest level possible while at the same time not compromising on character building. For these reasons I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. This is only the first step in what we hope will be a new paradigm in how valuable healthcare is delivered to
these precious athletes.”

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