Orange County basketball: youth summer camps

How To Select A Summer Camp

Summertime is the perfect time to learn new skills, socialize and regroup in a healthy manner before starting a new season in Fall. It allows for exploration and downtime on extracurricular activities like basketball that build character and socialization skills.

Youth basketball summer camps are a hub for these developmental opportunities and growth, and Open Gym Premier has been providing facilities, coaches and teams for the Orange County youth basketball community since 2011. Here are some details parents should consider when selecting where to sign their children up, and why Open Gym Premier summer camps are the perfect choice.

The importance of history and legacy of basketball in Orange County

Open Gym Premier has proven to be Orange County’s leading organization for youth-sports events. OGP’s expansion has allowed them to host and help develop over 60,000 players and 7,000 teams annually. With their mission-centric focus and promise to the Orange County community, they’ve been able to transform the youth-sports community and experience to be innovative, inclusive and fun for everyone!

Our OC based summer youth basketball camps provide an essential social and interpersonal opportunity for children to learn and expand their athleticism, team-building skills and learn about the fundamentals of basketball in a safe and accessible environment. As a tenured company within this space, Open Gym Premier is #1 in the summer youth basketball camp field, and was just voted the Best Summer Camp for 2024.

Why a speciality summer camp? (basketball camp)

Specialty camps are a great way to teach commitment, sportsmanship and growth beyond fundamental rules and ways of a sport. Open Gym Premier offers not only a recreational level that features:

…but also Future Pro Camps, a highly competitive basketball summer camp. These camps are for players with more experience, and focuses on a detailed and customized camp with features such as:

  • Shooting transformation 
  • Detailed in-game situation analyzation 
  • Pro-player development methodology 
  • Advanced ball-handling attack training
  • Defensive principles 
  • NBA film studies to improve their skills
  • Advanced performance training led by certified trainers
  • Speed, explosiveness and vertical jump segments
  • Refined mental toughness sessions
  • Leadership curriculum for on/off the courts
  • Daily injury prevention and recovery 
Coach Anthony Susnjara

Accreditation and safety

Our OGP Senior Directors are both hands on with our Youth Summer Camps and bring a professional, elevated player experience to our events. Combined with other coaches and staff, our summer camps exude a well-rounded, safe and fun experience for Orange County’s youth.

Rufus Jemison

Rufus was also born and raised in Southern California. Rufus specializes in maximizing players overall potential and his energy visibly lights up the court and players he is coaching. He is a 10 year OGP veteran coach and has established himself as a dedicated member throughout OGP’s growth. A former DIII college basketball standout and playing professionally for 4 years, Rufus encompasses OGP’s values for community and devotion to basketball.

Cedric Lusk

Cedric was born and raised in Southern California. He is a former DI and DII college basketball standout and specializes in skill development and confidence building. As an 8 year OGP veteran coach, Cedrick is dedicated to the game and is committed to spreading his knowledge and skill: even dedicating his talents overseas and professionally playing there for 5 years.

Retention and why it matters

In the last few years of Summer Camps, Open Gym Premier has served over 1,500 youth basketball players in Northern, Central and Southern Orange County within the summer camp program and over 75,000 through other programmings. As a result, the youth basketball community in Orange County has grown and been serviced throughout local facilities in:

  • Anaheim
  • Ladera Ranch
  • Newport Beach
  • Yorba Linda
  • Fullerton
  • Huntington Beach
  • Diamond Bar

OGP Ladera
OGP Anaheim

Q: How can my child grow within this program?

A: Among a myriad of reasons why Open Gym Premier is the best choice this summer, a feature that sets it apart is the growth path that every child is able to experience, all within its hub. Development does not end once the camp is over, everyone has a chance to expand their basketball IQ and on-court skills via the youth basketball league, skills clinics, club teams, performance training, elite circuits and more.

From beginner, intermediate and advanced- there is a program for all! Our OGP alumni list is extensive and ranges from D1 collegiate basketball players to NBA players. Open Gym Premier encompasses the heart of Orange County basketball and its mission to advance players and create an unparalleled youth sports experience.


Drop-off/pick up with ease
  • We will check-in each camper on the first day of camp to ensure all contact information has been received.
  • Campers will need to be signed in and signed out each day by a parent or approved guardian.
  • Parents can pick-up early / drop off late as long as the camper has been signed in and signed out.

Safety is one of our primary concerns
  • ALLERGIES/Epipen: If your child has any known allergies, a Camp Allergy form will need to be completed so staff members are aware. In the event a child requires emergency medical treatment for a severe allergic reaction, the camp will follow the instructions provided on the Camp Allergy Form, call 911 immediately, and call the Emergency Contact specified on the child’s Camp Allergy Form.
  • Campers register and document emergency contact information upon registration. This can be updated at any time.
  • A sports camp is an active environment and while we take every precaution to avoid injury, by signing up for camp you are acknowledging and accepting this risk. In the event of an injury, our staff will attend immediately to your camper’s needs, and log the incident in our on-site Incident Report Form. Depending upon the degree of the injury, you may be asked to pick-up your camper from camp immediately. It is important that your emergency contact information is up to date.

Pricing and bundles

  • We offer 15% off for multi-camp sign-ups. (ogpmulticamp15)
  • We offer 15% off for siblings registering for the same camp. (ogpsibling15)