June Summer Camps Were a Blast!

Open Gym Premier’s Summer Camps were a resounding success as they provide a fun and exciting youth basketball experience! Campers were immersed in fun skill-building drills, strategic gameplay, and expert coaching that enhanced their basketball abilities. Our youth basketball summer camps emphasized teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual improvement, creating a supportive atmosphere where campers could excel. Campers looked forward to championship Friday, as it was their favorite day of competition. Our camps were an enriching experience that left a lasting impact on all attendees with better basketball ability and life skills such as leadership, and communication; while fostering a positive environment where players of all skill levels could thrive, making it a memorable experience for all and paving the way for future ballers.

“OGP Ladera Summer camp has been excellent and we have a lot of kids learning the fundamentals and having a great time. We have updated our on court camp schedule with more skill work while the kids are still engaged in fun competitions. The experienced coaching staff keeps things light and competitive throughout the days. The OGP Ladera campers are getting better this summer at OGP Ladera!”

Jamie Stopinitzky, Senior Director, OGP Ladera

Why OGP Summer Camps

Open Gym Premier’s Youth Basketball Summer Camps are an incomparable opportunity to enhance basketball skills in a supportive and enriching environment. Our camps offer top-notch coaching from experienced professionals who focus on skill development, teamwork, and strategic gameplay. Attendees will benefit from personalized instruction tailored to their abilities, building both individual growth and team cohesion. Beyond basketball fundamentals, our camp promotes a positive atmosphere where players can build confidence, make new friends, and build a lifelong love for the game. Whether a beginner or an intermediate player, Open Gym Premier’s Summer Camp promises an engaging and rewarding experience that extends far beyond the court.

Details for Future Camps


  • July 8 – 12 (Newport)
  • July 22 – 26 (Anaheim)
  • July 23 – 26 (Tue – Fri) (Ladera)
  • July 29 – August 2 (Mon – Fri) (Ladera)
  • July 29 – August 2 (Newport)
  • August 5 – 9 (Mon – Fri) (Ladera)
  • August 5 – 9 (Anaheim)
  • August 12 – 16 (Newport)
  • August 12-16 (Huntington Beach)